Part of the 'A Decade of Change' collection, this is a limited edition print. Only 50 prints will ever be made. 


Size: 33cm x 33cm 

Printed using an archival Giclée ink on 240 gsm matt paper


‘I would like to see more sharing in the coming decade - of ideas and knowledge and individual experiences in order to live in a more empathetic world. A shared plate of food can act as an open door to bring people together, to encourage conversations and share ideas. The platter of oranges is intended as an invitation in a world that sometimes feels increasingly divided. I feel we benefit when people from different backgrounds are able to communicate and share ideas without fear or shame.’


Brighton-based artist Lucy Sherston creates particular yet playful illustrations, each seeking to evoke a feeling of celebration. With an interest in how forms fit together, Lucy designs compositions which capture a mood or feeling through her use of colour, shape, and a range of creative techniques.

Sharing Platter, Lucy Sherston

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